The Obstacles Be Gone Seminar

The Obstacles Be Gone Seminar

Are you struggling with an obstacle or even a few obstacles in your life, right now?
Are you looking for ways to get past those stubborn obstacles?
Would you be interested in learning how to get past some of your present obstacles in any of the four areas of your life?

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Meet the speakers of the Obstacles Be Gone Seminar

Lynn FitzsimmonsDealing with The Cards You Are Dealt With In Life

Lynn is an International/Motivational Speaker and Author. Through personal experiences she shares her struggles with blindness, her fears, and a step-by-step success formula that empowered her to move out of her comfort zone to create success and abundance today of happiness and prosperity.

Bhupinder SinghTransform obstacles into rungs of ladder of your success

Bhupinder Singh empowers people through inspiring and healing as a Spiritual teacher, Poet and Author. Bhupinder learned deep life lessons on his journey of transformation from anger, pain, hatred, revenge, resentment and feelings of worthlessness to forgiveness, gratitude, peace and love. His miraculous recovery, spiritual awakening, empowerment and freedom from the chains of limited beliefs, self-serving systems, and dogmas of life, serves as an inspiration to many.

Kit McCannMoving Forward beyond everyday stubborn obstacles

Kit is the creator of the Obstacles Be Gone seminar, an author, an inspirational speaker and the owner of an inspirational company selling inspirational products. His message is geared to help people get past many of the common obstacles that we all face in our lives from procrastination, depression, shyness, low self-esteem, losing weight or getting into better physical condition, how to set and achieve goals and finding your purpose in life.

Gino DelCiancioThe Power is in Your Mind

Gino’s teachings are about how you have the power to live the life you want and soar like a eagle. He will show you how the mind works and how to delve into the sub-conscious thinking and change your life’s conditioning. You will learn how to reprogram your mind to get past the obstacles that hold you back. Gino teaches how your mind, along with specific actions, can lead to a life of happiness and success.

Rick MurphyThe Freedom to Choose

People who are living the stressful life may be interested in Rick’s topic on stress management. It will cover the main themes of his book, ‘Change your Stress, Restore your Freedom to Choose’ Rick will talk about how to avoid the ‘path unintended’ he will discuss how stress changes us and creates unintended chain reactions. Rick is a stress coach and focuses on healing emotional stress.

Gerry MolnarRelationship obstacles be gone

Gerry is dedicated to showing people how to live life and be loved and getting it all in any relationship. Through easy to follow interactive workshops. He will walk you through the steps that help you understand the dynamics of healthy relationships and how to do the actions that will make your relationships vibrant and healthy. You can have it all in any relationship when you know what has to be done.

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