My Story


I was one of those kids who spent most of his time daydreaming in class instead of listening to the teachers (day dreaming about having more in life and just having fun).  If I were a child today, I’d be labeled A.D.D. or A.D.H.D. (it wasn’t that I was a bad kid, I just had a short attention span).  Thankfully I grew up in a different time and never stopped dreaming.

Some of my passions would include the great outdoors, waterfalls, travel, nature, camping, birding, hiking, photography, Windsor-Essex county, my nieces, nephews and my friends kids as well, Canada, exploring, improving myself, humour, staying fit, writing books and doing my part to make this world a better place for future generations.

Miss Right, did I miss you when I took one of my many hikes in the wilderness or a detour in life… are you still out there? 😮  Would love to find that woman who helps to melt away a life problem by giving a simple long hug, someone who loves the great outdoors, travel, adventure, enjoys taking care of herself (physically and mentally), has common sense (which is a rare trait now-a-days), is kind and considerate, motivated, an overall great woman who loves kids and will be a great role model for them, too.  Without a doubt I am still a big kid at heart and would love to have children one day with her, hopefully before I am six feet under.  Oh yeah, I have a weird sense of humour, so being able to laugh is a pretty important thing as well (life is way harder if you can’t laugh at yourself, with others and the hiccups we encounter).

When I was 16, I watched my very first motivational speaker ever on TV – a PBS fundraiser with special guest Les Brown.  This man got me so fired up I knew right then and there that I needed to find other people like him to become what I was meant to be.  I became a self-help student, constantly at the library looking for more self-help programs.

Now here is the problem… I have read, listened, watched and have been to over a thousand motivational programs (tapes, CDs, VHS, DVD, attended seminars and read books) but I failed to take action.  In case you missed that important point, I didn’t take action.  Yep, I listened, watched and read, but did almost nothing with this great information for most of my adult life!  DO NOT FOLLOW MY EXAMPLE!!!  Failure to act is not the road to take. I have been down that long road. I do not recommend it because it is very frustrating and depressing. I knew there was more to life.   Okay, to set the record straight I did take a little action here and there but a sporadic action here is NOT consistent action; it is frustration!  Action must be taken daily, not merely on occasion.

So, in 2011 I started taking action to reach my goals. I wrote a couple of books. I put up this website with quotes and pictures that inspired me in my travels.  My goal is to help as many people as I can to start living the lives they were meant to live–not the unfulfilling ones they live presently.

My best advice is to take action to reach your goals and dreams.  Woulda, coulda and shoulda does nothing for you in life except give you guilt and shame. Oh, it gives you a horrible story to tell, a story no one really wants to hear, even though they may pretend to listen.  TAKE ACTION – Life is too short to live with regrets!

“Live and Be Your Purpose” – Kit McCann