Seven Day Mental Diet


The Seven-day Mental Diet

Are you up for the challenge?

Many of us have tried to track our daily intake of food, but how many pay attention to our own thoughts and the words that come out of our own mouth? Emmet Fox wrote The Seven-day Mental Diet in 1935 to help us realize and control our bad mental habits and increase our happiness. Anthony Robbins & T Harv Eker popularized the mental diet. This diet will help you change your life.  By improving yourself mentally, you improve your happiness, health and helps to allow you to become prosperous.

Now the fun stuff! This diet requires you to banish every single negative thought from your mind for one week.

(Hold on. Hold on, let me finish). When you accomplish this, you can develop a new, positive habit.


Negative thoughts –
So, NO talking negatively to others or yourself. If you start to have negative thoughts, cancel them immediately by thinking of some positive things. It would be a good idea to write down a few things ahead of time to think of–especially your goals). If you let yourself take part in negative thought or talking negatively for more then a minute, you have to start the process over. Now, it is not possible to have no negative thoughts. NO it is not, considering over 80% of the thoughts we have in a day are negative. But we do have the power to change our thoughts once they enter our conscious mind.

A suggestion might be to wear an elastic band around your wrist. Every time you think a negative thought, snap it and immediately change your thought to something positive to help RE-ENFORCE the new positive habit.

This is a huge challenge and I am curious how many are going to do this, notice I did not say TRY and do this… trying does not get you anywhere in life, the DOING IT does.

To your success
Kit McCann