S-T vs L-T Goals

Short Term Goals vs. Long Term Goals

Short Term Goals

Is there really a difference in goals?
Do I need to have short term goals when I have long term goals?
Will short term goals help me achieve my long term goals?

The answer is YES, YES and another big YES!

 Now I just want to state that long term goals are very important, but to most of us – the short term goals are more important. What? How? Why? Are probably questions you are asking yourself right now!

Why are short term goals so important… because most of us can not stay motivated long enough or stay focused long enough to have enough momentum to hit long term goals. OUCH that hit me between the eyes when I heard this for the first time. Yes that is correct most of us do not stay focused or persist long enough to achieve long term goals and this is why short term goals are so very vital to OUR SUCCESS in life.

They are so important that I created a bi-fold short term goal weekly list, so you can keep it with you where ever you are and to help you stay focused to hit those long term goals.


Long Term goals

Without them it is impossible to create, achieve, do or become whatever big goal it is that you are setting to do in this lifetime. If you do not have long term goals or even worse you have them and are not consistently persistent in working towards them. You are only fooling yourself as hoping does not create much of anything… “I hope I win the lottery” or “I hope the mate of my dreams comes knocking on my doorstep” or “management is going to pick me because I have been here 5, 10, 20 years”. Stop hoping in life and start achieving – easier said than done but it is possible. In the next 5, 10 or 20 years life is going to fly by and what will you have accomplished?

Persistent continuous action towards long term goals is a key in life. The long term goals help to keep you driven to accomplish in this life what you were meant to do and NO being a couch potato is not an accomplishment. Set your big goals and start working on them before life passes you by. You don’t want to be on your death bed saying “I really should of, could of or would of”, by than it is too late. Life is too short to be someone’s puppet all your life, create your life by setting and working on your long term goals.