Inspirational Quotes


Here are a few inspirational thoughts of mine. I hope you enjoy them.  The real pleasure comes from knowing that some of these thoughts may inspire you to action, to make a change in your life right NOW!

“When life knocks you down really hard try to land on your back. If you can look up, you can get up, no matter how slowly.”

“Everything happens for a reason in life. Some things take a lot longer to figure out than others. Learn and grow from each experience as it happens.”

“Opportunity will always pass YOU by until YOU open your eyes!”

“We become what we focus on the most. Putting positive images in your mind all day is the tricky thing.”

“A quitter never wins and a winner never quits.  You decide which you will be.”

“Time is that one thing everyone wants more of, yet we do not do everything we can with what little time we have. What are you doing right now to make the best of your time?”

“Don’t let negativity rent space in your head. In the end it will cost you more pain, suffering and money then a half–dozen ex spouses.”

“Yesterday is gone; tomorrow will only be better if you make the most of today!”

“Life never changes until you take a step in a different direction”

“If it is to be, it is up to me and if someone tells me differently all I ask is, are they where I want to be in life?”

“If you are waiting for life to happen… you will be six feet under before you realize it is too late.” –

“It is impossible to be positive when you think, talk and focus on negativity.. Life does not give you possibilities when you focus on the negative stuff.”

“When you look back at your past… is it to LEARN and move on OR to relive some negative memories over and over again? We are meant to move forward in life, not go backwards”

“Others’ opinions about you only matter if you allow them to become your reality. Life is too short to let other people control your life. Remember, you and only YOU are in total control of your future.”

“Winning takes time, quitting does not. Surround yourself with winners and winning will happen more quickly. Surround yourself with quitters and winning will take an eternity.”

“A fool will complain about a situation, a wise man will learn a lesson from it and move on.”

“In life we seldom get what we need or hope for. We get the things we focus on and think about.”

“If you think your job is difficult, monitor your thoughts. Staying positive & focused is not an easy task.”

“Changing your life for the better isn’t easy but only a FOOL believes life is EASY.”

“Looking ahead when the past has an iron grip on you is difficult but in the end it will loosen up and be worth it!!!” –

“If most people were given a barrel of apples they would concentrate on the ONE rotten apple and not be thankful for the others.”