Weight Loss or Weight Gain

If you are looking to lose or gain weight, it comes down to a couple things. What are you habitually doing to get the results you have been getting? Yes, stop blaming others for your weight or size.

It probably took you quite a bit of time to get where you are; there is no miracle pill that will help you lose or gain weight in one week. If you are considering surgery to lose weight, please take the time to look into the side effects and realize that the majority of people that undergo surgery gain it all back because they did not change their habits. Before making any changes in your present schedule or eating habits please consult a doctor. I have written an e-book about getting into shape and believe it can be a great little book filled with information that most are not aware of–the 15 reasons why people fail at getting into shape.

Laughter / Humour

Laughter and humour are parts of good health; They are more important than most people know or understand. They have the ability to help people in the healing process. They take your mind off the stresses of life. They break negative states. If you are under the false sense that laughter is not important for you, you are sadly wrong on this one. Taking someone out of a negative state helps them realize they have options. Laughter and humour give release. Take some time to laugh daily and remember what it is like to feel good inside. For me the Three Stooges always help me to laugh (great humour for the whole family, not like most of the negative garbage humour on TV today).


The one problem with exercise is that it is so easy to do–but equally as easy not to do. Before you change anything please consult your doctor or health professional. For most of us there is no excuse for failing to exercise. Not all exercise involves going to a gym or running a marathon; there are so many little things you can do. Walking around your neighbourhood, walking up more stairs, doing some sit-ups, push-ups and simple home exercises.

Spend a little time on the internet and you will find so many easy-to-do exercises that do not require money. For those that have a gym membership… get your butt to the gym!!!


There is a great deal of information about what healthy foods are. They work well as you change your eating habits. Most of us know we need to cut out greasy, fried and fatty foods we eat. Then there is fast food, pre-cooked meals in-an-instant, sugar, snacks, coffee and soda pop, etc.

Why do we continue eating these items? It comes down to two reasons 1) we are lazy (we have microwave mentality) and 2) we have not made it a priority to eat healthy, yet. We already know we need to eat more veggies, fruits, nuts, seeds, fish, chicken, etc. So stop the insanity and start to care of your body before it is too late. It is your decision to eat healthy!


The guidelines for drinking liquids are like those for food. We already know we need reduce consumption of the soda pop, high energy drinks, coffee, alcohol, sugary drinks, etc. Again we are too lazy or simply haven’t made the decision to change yet. Once you make a decision to change–you will change–but do not make the error in believing that hope is a decision. Millions of us HOPE to win the lottery and where exactly has that gotten us? You know you need to start drinking more water, make the decision and just “do it”.