MOVING 4WARD Your 90-day Fitness Journal – Level One

MOVING 4WARD Your 90-day Fitness Journal – Level One MOVING 4WARD Your 90-day Fitness Journal! - Level One by Kit McCann

Have poor dietary choices and a lack of exercise caused you enough pain yet?  If you answered ‘yes’, this is the book that will help you become accountable to yourself and inspire you to take the necessary Action Steps to transform your life.  This book is designed to be a simple step-by-step approach to changing some old habits into positive new healthy ones.  No more time wasted counting calories, trying to use confusing formulas that lead to massive frustration.  I said ‘simple’.   If you are only hoping and wishing for change in your life, then this will just be another book on your shelf but if you are at the point where you feel you must change or else.  This journal will be ‘that journal’ to show you your habits – good and bad.  With this knowledge and accountability to yourself with Action, life will be different.  A healthy life is a lifestyle, not a few weeks of your life.  It costs only $14.99 to finally become accountable and to start transforming yourself.  Most people spend that much or more on fast food in a week!  It is time for you to change those negative unhealthy habits and choose to make your future a priority.  You can feel alive again but it is a choice – YOUR CHOICE!  Take your first Action Step today and invest in yourself!


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