MOVING 4WARD Year One! MOVING 4WARD Year One! by Kit McCann

Without a doubt this book is unique.  For those who love daily inspiration, this book is for you – but with a twist – I offer a daily Action Step that goes along with each day’s inspirational quote.

I challenge you to be different than the masses, to actually take action towards your goals, find your “Why” and your purpose in life.  Stop saying “I shoulda, coulda and woulda,” as those words get you nowhere fast.

The reason for this book is to inspire you to take action “DAILY” not once in awhile or when you feel like it.  To achieve at anything in life you must take daily consistent actions. This is not just a book to read, it is a book to read and do.

This book was created for anyone that wants to be inspired and take action.  The key word there is ACTION, inspiration without action is pretty much pointless. This book has one full year worth of inspirational quotes and ACTION STEPS to move you forward in life.  It is time for you to break past procrastination and stop hoping, so you can start achieving your goals sooner, rather then later.  Yes, you can start taking daily action towards your goals.  That type of action will give you a tone of MOMENTUM to push you through some of those stubborn obstacles that you have been facing.  Stop letting your present obstacles hold you back in life!  It is time for you to take action on your goals.  Your future depends on it!  For this type of momentum and achievement, $14.99 is not a purchase but an investment in YOU!


Book: Moving 4ward YEAR ONE – bok # 1301