MOVING 4WARD Beyond Obstacles!

MOVING 4WARD Beyond Obstacles! by Kit McCannMOVING 4WARD Beyond Obstacles! by Kit McCann

Are you tired of going backwards in life or barely treading water?

Are you tired of those rah!-rah! books that hype you up, but don’t give you any real Action Steps?

Would you rather learn from someone who has faced the same obstacles as you, or someone who only offers theories?

If you are looking for help with
– depression
– feeling loveable
– procrastination
– breaking bad habits
– achieving goals
– using your mind
– letting go of fears
– finding time in your life
– raising self-esteem
– finding your true “Why” in life
– dropping your self-limiting ego
– your environment (people around you)
– wondering how you can live your purpose?

This book can help you.

Each chapter in this book contains specific Action Steps to help you move forward!

It is time for you to move beyond the stubborn obstacles that have been holding you back in life. How much longer do want obstacles to keep you from success?  Take action and invest in yourself, as I know this book will be a great stepping stone to help you make massive changes in your life!  I speak from personal experiences, not theory, in dealing with and overcoming the obstacles outlined in this book.  $14.99 is a very small investment that will bring you success.  Invest in yourself, today!



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