Kit’s Personal Mission Statement

Kit McCann’s Personal Mission Statement

– I dedicate myself to continuous daily improvement to learn, grow and become more every single day.  I choose to take daily actions that will move me closer to my purpose and goals.  To live my vision, I will use the knowledge I have gained to wake myself up from the nightmare I have been living and start living my passion and purpose.

– I will be a positive role model for my family and friends.  I will act as a positive influence to others who are searching to do more and become more in this lifetime by living their purpose.  I choose to make a difference to others by lifting them up to a higher level in life, one they may not know exists.

– I pledge to be a successful business owner who believes in helping and giving time, talent and treasure to assist those in need.  I will care for those with whom I come into contact.  I will always focus on finding the best in those around me.

– I choose to find the positive things in life, to be happy and able to laugh as humour is a key ingredient to living a long, happy life.

– I choose to live an honest healthy life – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

– I will endeavour to enjoy each and every day that I am alive, smile as often as humanly possible.  I will explore this beautiful world and be amazed at its surprises.

– I will find as many mentors in all areas of life as is possible, so I can learn and grow in many areas of expertise.

– I will leave this world knowing I have helped to make it a better place.  I will leave a practical self-help legacy for future generations–people who are eager to change their lives for the better by living their passion and purpose, in a shorter time frame than I did.   

Kit McCann