Enjoy the colours

Enjoy the colours

No, I am not talking about bringing our your crayons, coloured pencils or markers. I am referring to getting yourself outside and enjoy the fall colours. The leaves are starting to turn into those lovely shades of yellow, orange and red. Not only will you enjoy the colours but you will get a nice break from the daily grind that has been causing you so much stress. Go take a nice brisk walk in nature along some local nature trail to enjoy not only the colours but the trees, the animals and nature itself. Take in that fresh air and clean out those polluted lungs. Breath in and out nice and easy to get the most out of your nature walk. If you honestly don’t like walking alone, call up a friend and invite them along for the short or long hike in nature. Grab a sweater or jacket and maybe even your camera to take some timeless pictures and go enjoy the colours not only today but for years to come!

Action Step: Go outside and enjoy the colours of nature at least twice this week.

To your success. Live and Be Your Purpose!

Kit McCann
Author of the ‘MOVING 4WARD’ book series

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