Get off your asset

Get off your asset

Hey you, the one reading this blog. Did you know you get more done when you are not sitting down? Did you know that once you sit down on your couch or lazy boy it makes it very difficult to get yourself moving again? Have you ever just vegged for no reason? Have you ever just sat and watched mindless TV for hours and at the end of it you said to yourself “Well, there’s a few wasted hours of my life that I won’t ever get back”. So, get yourself up, go for a walk, walk around the house and pick a few things up that need to be moved or tossed out, pick up the laundry that has been waiting for you to move it, etc, etc. Commit to standing up a little more and getting things done. You already know there is a number of things on your to-do list and your mental to-do list which has probably been building up for years. Stop hoping things will magically get done from these lists and take some actions to finally get them done!

Action Step: Work on one of the items on your to-do list and get it done!

To your success. Live and Be Your Purpose!

Kit McCann
Author of the ‘MOVING 4WARD’ book series

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