Laugh like no one is watching

Laugh like no one is watching

Sounds silly doesn’t it? Laugh like no one is watching. When was the last time you laughed non stop for minutes for no reason at all? Have you ever had the giggles and nothing could get you to stop but let me ask you “How did you feel?” Yes, you felt a little silly or even foolish, but after that uncontrollable laughter you actually felt good. Even if it was a bad day that little break from reality put a smile on your face and if someone was around you, I bet they started to laugh as well. Why wait until you break out of the giggles to feel that good again? Laughter is one of the best medicines, after all. Some of the best speakers, performers or movies we have ever seen have made us laugh. Instead of depending on outside sources to make us laugh, why not just make a decision and laugh right now? That’s right, you can do that, can’t you? Take 60 seconds and laugh like no one is watching and if someone is, oh well, let them be entertained by you.

Action Step: Laugh for the next minute and let yourself enjoy it.

To your success. Live and Be Your Purpose!

Kit McCann
Author of the ‘MOVING 4WARD’ book series

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